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Have you experienced something terrible?

Healing is Possible

Krystal Schutte

Krystal Schuette LPC

I am a therapist specializing in the treatment of trauma and PTSD symptoms.  I have spent my  career helping people recover from lasting effects of past trauma and the interfering symptoms of PTSD. 


There is no trauma to big or too little to get help for.  Working together, we can walk through past,  bringing to light what will not stay hidden, discarding old scripts and lies in order for you to move successfully to the other side. 


Midwest Trauma Recovery Center is here to help you heal, build resiliency and to live a life free of pain and suffering of the past.  You are no longer alone.  

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Leslie Davis LPC

Leslie Davis LPC

Doctoral Student

One thing I have noticed through years of practice (with both teens and adults) is a need to be heard. To have your experience validated can be a monumental moment for introspective growth. Whether it is processing deep seeded developmental trauma, or expanding your self-awareness, I am willing to aid you in your personal journey.  I vow to: never give advice, never judge you, never pretend I know more than you, or try and "fix" you. You are not broken. I will be genuine, provide a safe space, and walk beside you during whatever life may bring.  My training has been through years of work in substance abuse agencies, emergency rooms, and private practice. 

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Midwest Trauma Recovery Center
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