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Have you experienced something terrible?

Healing is Possible


Krystal Schuette, LPC

I am a therapist specializing in the treatment of trauma and PTSD symptoms.  I have spent my  career helping people recover from lasting effects of past trauma and the interfering symptoms of PTSD. 


There is no trauma too big or too little to get help for.  Working together, we can walk through the past,  bringing to light what will not stay hidden, discarding old scripts and lies in order for you to move successfully to the other side. 


Midwest Trauma Recovery Center is here to help you heal, build resiliency and to live a life free of pain and suffering of the past.  You are no longer alone.  

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Lisa McCulloch, LPC

Have you experienced chronic trust issues, worry, irrational fears, or profound loneliness?  Do you have unexplainable triggers that cause panic, fear, or anger?  Do you continue to feel stuck in the same patterns of thinking and overreacting?  If so, you may be experiencing the effects from unresolved trauma.

The best way of treating these issues is with the comforting support of an experienced therapist.  I have twenty years of experience and provide compassionate guidance in helping adults that struggle with past trauma.  I have found my preferred methods of guided meditation, visualization, hypnotherapy, and bilateral stimulation to be highly effective in helping people to update difficult memories.


Together we can customize a plan to process the trauma that is holding you back.  I offer a gentle approach that allows each person to move at their own pace.  I am honored to have the opportunity to enable others to regain hope.


Take the first step in healing by calling our office.

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